About The Teacher





    This is my 16th year teaching at the Bridge, and my 20th year working for Nuview Union School District.  It is my job to not only teach the California Common Core Standards for English Grade 9, but to prepare the freshmen for the rigors of college and the adult world.


    My teaching philosophy is embedded in my classroom rules:


     Students                                                          Teacher

     Be present                                                          Be present

     Respect everyone and everything                         Respect everyone and everything 

     Be prepared to learn                                           Be prepared to teach

     Give 100% effort                                                Give 100% effort


   I have a reputation for setting high standards for my students and for myself, so providing a structured and safe learning environment is a priority. Students tell me I am strict but fair, and many of them report the assignments are challenging but fun. I use a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom to address different learning styles, and apparently my pedagogy is effective because I can proudly state my students deliver a high quality of work, and as a whole they score exceptionally well on state exams and other formal assessments.


    Anyone who wants to contact me may do so by calling the school at (951) 928-0498 or via email at shansen@nuview.k12.ca.us.