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Welcome To Wiki!


     In the Hawaiian language, "wiki" means quick. This is a quick, interactive site for English 9 students where they can view daily assignments including vocabulary, upload documents, and post written work. Always keep in mind that this public domain is an educational resource; therefore, students must not write anything they do not want their principal, guardians, and clergyman/woman to read. Inappropriate content will generate unpleasant consequences.





Please review our rules for using this site:


We will post quality work that is academically relevant.

We will respect the work of others.

We will post wiki assignments on the wiki and in no other form.





Rap artists use poetic devices in their lyrics to create fluidity, sensory images, and musicality in their songs. Sounds within words can add a beat, elongate a line, or emphasize an emotion. Some devices they use are alliteration, assonance, repetition, onomatopoeia, and rhyme.


Alliteration is the repeating of consonant sounds, like this: Jack rabbits jump joyously for jelly beans. The repeated sound is /j/ and it gives the line a beat.


Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds, like this: Eels creep in the deep blue sea. The repeating sound is /ee/, and creates an eerie sound.


Remember, in both cases a sound is repeated, not a letter. Philosophical fish fry fritters on Fridays carries the /f/sound four times with the letter “f” and twice in the blend “ph”.


When an artist repeats a word or phrase, he/she is calling special attention to it. Repetition suggests that something occurred more than once or it implies great importance and intensity.


Onomatopoeia is a sensory device adding sound to the lyrics.


Rhyme creates musicality to words so that the lyrics flow like poetry, not prose. Words that rhyme have exactly the same ending sound, even though the words may be spelled differently.


1. Your assignment is to write rap lyrics that contains alliteration, assonance, repetition, onomatopoeia, and rhyme.


2. Your topic must be a summary of a story by Edgar Allen Poe. You can find many of his stories on poestories.com. Remember, your topic is based on a story, not a poem. You may not use The Pit and the Pendulum because that is the example I used in class.


3. Color the font of significant words and sounds within your lyrics and identify them after your name. Lyrics must be posted on the class page or you will not earn credit. Wiki will shut off on the morning of Friday, 11/1; be prepared to perform your rap in class on that day. Plan accordingly; Halloween is the night before your rap is due.











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