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Dead Words

a lot                      lots                    very                              really              got 

good                    bad                    nice                               cool                stuff

guy                       weird                 Well, (beginning of sentence)          So, (beginning of sentence)

anyways               nowadays         awesome (unless you are referencing something spiritual) 

I think, I believe, My opinion, To me (or any other derivative of these phrases)


You want to avoid words that are elementary, bland, overused, or slang terms, as well as phrases that weaken your claim and allow for counter arguments. 






cliche'  Voc cliche.docx


plethora  Voc plethora.docx


gregarious  Voc gregarious.docx


rebuke  Voc rebuke.docx


loquacious: very talkative

3 syn: chatty, jabbering, long-winded

ant: pithy

pos: adj


pithy: describes a speech that is short but full of meaning

3 syn: concise, succinct, blunt

ant: loquacious

pos: adj


zenith: the highest point

3 syn: apex, summit, peak

ant: nadir

pos: noun


pariah: a social outcast

3 syn: outsider, leper, untouchable

ant: member

pos: noun


benevolentVoc benevolent.docx


malevolent: Voc malevolent.docx


macabre: Voc macabre.docx


savory: Voc savory.docx


odious:  Voc odious.docx


heinous:  Voc heinous.docx


melancholyVoc melancholy.docx


surreal: Voc surreal.docx  

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